Our Rocks

Posted on January 25th 2019

This is a picture of my sister – actually she is my ‘bestie’ but we might as well be sisters. We have shared pant-wetting laughter, heart-aching sadness, inspiration, desperation, the joy and challenge of motherhood and the simple moments of just having a good old heart to heart. Our relationship isn’t perfect: it’s real. She’s my Rock. She allows me to be me – authentically me.

There are other Rocks in my life – hubby is my mountain Rock (totally solid and always there even when I am ridiculously menopausal (and yes you can feel sympathy for that)), Pete is my ‘feel good about myself Rock’ (he makes me laugh about myself and still sees the 19 year old behind the 50-something), then there are my work Rocks (they get what I do and why I do it), there are my spiritual Rocks (fellow travelers in search of meaning and well-being),  the list goes on … I also have a diamond (diamonds are the practical people in your life who pick your kids up from school, go food shopping for you, the one that just has your back). As it turns out my diamond is also a bloody good listener (thanks Alison).

Who are your Rocks? Who are the people in your life you can turn to? The people that really listen? The one’s who truly care about the real you? They are precious, those Rocks. Treasure them and if you haven’t seen some of them in a while – make a date.